VPS 10

Single 1GHz CPU
10GB Disk Storage
Unlimited National Traffic
10GB International Traffic

Monthly Allocations

1 Dedicated IPv4 Address

VPS 15

Single 1GHz CPU
15GB Disk Storage
Unlimited National Traffic
15GB International Traffic

Monthly Allocations

1 Dedicated IPv4 Address

VPS 20

Single 1GHz CPU
20GB Disk Storage
Unlimited National Traffic
20GB International Traffic

Monthly Allocations

1 Dedicated IPv4 Address

Virtual Private Servers Features

Software and Web Developers

VPS servers are ideal for software and web developers looking to install and customise your own applications.  You get full root access to the operating system and the flexibility to configure the server to suit your needs.  You are also getting the reliability and speed of a dedicated server, but for a fraction of the cost.  Our VPS servers are all hosted in our state-of-the-art data centre in Auckland with high speed circuits to New Zealand’s public internet exchanges.

Customised Solutions for Web Designers

Provide your clients with website hosting solutions you can customise to their specific needs.  Host multiple sites and maintain complete control of the hosting environment and specifications yourself.  If you would prefer that we take care of the server operations, add the Managed VPS service and focus on doing what you do best!

Large/High Traffic Sites

Direct your resources: Leave the competition of the shared hosting environment behind, use VPS to allocate server resources to where you want them to go.

Say goodbye to a sluggish site that is struggling to get the processing power it needs from a shared hosting server and step up to the dedicated RAM and CPU of a VPS.

Upgrades & Optional Extras
Price /mth
FTP Backup Storage Space (10GB)
$25.00 + GST
FTP Backup Storage Space (20GB)
$40.00 + GST
FTP Backup Storage Space (50GB)
$60.00 + GST
Advanced Server Monitoring (see details below)
$49.00 + GST
Managed VPS Service (see details below)
$149.00 + GST
Additional IPv4 Address
$5.00 + GST
Additional International Traffic (per 10GB)
$5.00 + GST
Additional Disk Storage (per 10GB)
$10.00 + GST
Additional RAM (per 1GB)
$10.00 + GST
cPanel/WHM VPS Control Panel (with a Managed VPS only)
$27.00 + GST
Parallels Plesk Panel for Virtual Machines (with a Managed VPS only)
$19.00 + GST
Note: A 12 month minimum term applies to the above leased software
Professional Services
Price /Hr
Professional Services (business hours)
$130.00 + GST
Professional Services (after hours)
$195.00 + GST

Managed VPS Service

Freeparking’s Managed VPS Service is the ideal solution for those who require the control of a Virtual Private Server with the peace of mind provided by our 24/7 monitoring and server management. With a managed VPS, your server is backed up daily, patched with OS and control panel updates, and resources such as CPU, RAM and disk are monitored in real time ensuring maximum performance for your VPS.

Only $149 + GST/month and available on all VPS plans

Our expert engineers take care of your server, including the after-hours alerts, for a fraction of the cost of employing your own technician.  Our Managed VPS Service includes:

  • 24x7 Emergency Response (server reboot and service stop/start)
  • Advanced server monitoring*
  • Shared Basic Firewall
  • Operating System upgrades/patches and troubleshooting
  • Supported 3rd party software installation, configuration and upgrade/service patch updates
  • Simple CGI Scripting (up to 2 hours)
  • Includes daily backup of server and server restoration

*Advanced Server Monitoring

An advanced monitoring service is available for Virtual Private Servers which includes:

  • 24x7 monitoring of HTTP, Disk Utilisation, Server Load, SSH (+ any server specific) services
  • Starting / Stopping services
  • Rebooting the Server
  • Email Notification of consistent failures

If you have any questions about software or specific requirements contact our specialist Support Team.

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  • Do I get root or administrator access to my VPS server?

    You have full root access to your server via SSH, as well as administrative access to a control panel if you choose to install one.

  • Who manages my Virtual Private Server?

    You are required to manage your own VPS server unless you purchase a Managed VPS service.

    For un-managed VPS servers, we monitor the main server for failures and we will restart your VPS if our monitoring system detects it is down.

    If you would like Freeparking to provide server management for your VPS, please order the Managed VPS service which is an additional $149.00 + GST per month.

  • What Operating System's are available to use on my VPS?

    We have a selection of Linux Operating Systems available for use on your VPS:

    • CentOS
    • Debian
    • Fedora
    • Suse
    • Ubuntu

    You can select your preference when ordering your VPS, but you can also change to a different OS at any time by simply re-installing the OS using the VPS Management tools.

    By default, the latest version of each of the supported OS’s will be installed.

Not sure which plan's best for you? Ask our experts on 0800 373 372

Need More Help?

Call our support team on: 0800 373 372
Email us at: support@freeparking.co.nz

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