A selection of feedback from Freeparking customers.



I knew I needed a website and I needed somebody to be proactive and handle the demands I put on people - because when I'm on a roll I get more done in a day than most people get done in a week!

The team at Freeparking have not let me down and the feedback I've had on the website has been fantastic.

Thanks again,
Sir Peter Leitch

 Good cost effective domain name management and web hosting. Not only is the cost reasonable, but the level of service (including uptimes etc), is excellent.

Thanks again,
Mike Mylonas


At Freeparking setting up your website is a breeze, we transferred from a different hosting company and the helpful technical support team helped us every step of the way. Very happy.

Thanks again,
Blake Wells

Highly geeky concepts are rendered easy for the non-geek consumer.

Thanks again,
Chris Watson


Hi there Just a bit of feedback on your services. I thought you provided an exceptional service, your standard of support, the way you provided information and the language used was very true to your offering and provided a very good, easy to use service all round. So thanks and I will happily recommend Freeparking in the future.

Thanks again,
Lana Goldman

 Domains. I love the fact that I can manage my DNS on your server instead of having to set up my own. Your DNS admin interface is the best - bar none.

Thanks again,
Simon Mahony

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