Momentum specialise in developing web and mobile applications and online marketing. Our customers are spread throughout New Zealand and Asia Pacific, making effective communication one of our top priorities. Freeparking provide us with a quality email and hosting service which allows us to work with our customers as if we're in the same room - communicating freely and hosting large digital files and prototypes for rapid development sign-off.

Dr Tom Mulholland

I have many e-commerce and domain needs and have found Freeparking to be cost effective, highly efficient and user friendly. I have had 8 successful start-up companies raising $3 million for one of them; the crucial benefit for me is that I can just pick up the phone and talk through my online needs and solutions with Freeparking. The help is awesome and I couldn't run my business without their service. Freeparking helps protect my intellectual property.

Dr Tom on a Mission
Sir Peter Leitch

Sir Peter’s objective was to create a site where he could connect with people and share the weekly newsletter he puts together with a team of volunteers. The website is a great place to share his history, philosophy and his photos, articles and books with the world.

“I knew I needed a website and I needed somebody to be proactive and handle the demands I put on people - because when I'm on a roll I get more done in a day than most people get done in a week! The team at Freeparking have not let me down and the feedback I've had on the website has been fantastic.” Sir Peter Leitch

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